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Implementations Executions: Casted and Milled

Basically, one can divide the Varibell® control valve in terms of its execution into two categories:

  • Valves with casted body
  • Valves with a body forged from a round bar, the so-called “block valves”.

All our casted bodies are available in rust-free, acid proof stainless steel or material of higher value. Our standard materials are 1.4581 and 1.4408 (CF8M) for casted models and 1.4571 for block valves.

Block valves can also be made of any kind of material, which is available as a rod material. So complete valves made of special materials such as Hastelloy, Monel, Alloy 59, etc. can be produced within the shortest time.
Another feature that distinguishes the block valves from their casted counterparts, is the execution of their intermediate flange, yielding a compact construction.

The currently available nominal sizes and pressure ratings are shown in the respective tables (DIN, ANSI).


ausfuehrung blockgehaeuse k ausfuehrung gussgehaeuse k
 Varibell® with block body Varibell® with casted body 

Why Varibell

Varibell® is a rotary quarter turn valve. The regulating element is a bell shaped plug, featuring tear drop shaped apertures machined into both inlet and outlet but laterally reversed. During opening, this plug rotates and simultaneously uncovers the two tear drop apertures giving fine flow adjustment with a 2 stage pressure reduction across both seats.

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