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Easy Installation - Easy Remont

Essentially Varibell® consists of 3 functional units:

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Seat - Control Bell - Cover Flange

These parts are merely plugged and can be replaced within a few minutes. Nothing has to be adjusted during or after assembly - everything adjusts itself. Actuator and positioner remain in place.

In multifunctional facilities the control bell can be exchanged against another with a completely different KV range within a few minutes.


Varibell 3D Animation - Download Link (size: 50MB)

--> File Download

Varibell assembly, spare parts and wearing parts

Varibell® has a very simple construction. A revision can be performed directly in each respective repair shop of the customer. Spare parts and wearing parts can be changed in many cases without having to remove the valve from the pipeline.

Why Varibell

Varibell® is a rotary quarter turn valve. The regulating element is a bell shaped plug, featuring tear drop shaped apertures machined into both inlet and outlet but laterally reversed. During opening, this plug rotates and simultaneously uncovers the two tear drop apertures giving fine flow adjustment with a 2 stage pressure reduction across both seats.

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